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Burning Phoenix Taekwon-Do Colored Belt Student Ranking

Colored Belt Students

High Red Belts (1st Gups)

Mrs. K. Firmont
Ms. A. Schjelderup
Ms. A. Gemmell

Red Belts (2nd Gups)

Mrs. A. Bowen
Mr. J.-E. Jeffs

High Blue Belts (3rd Gups)

Mr. J. Adams

Blue Belts (4th Gups)

Mr. A. Zurita
Msr. M. Zurita

High Green Belts (5th Gups)

Mr. B. Forman
Mr. I. Rodriguez
Mr. M. Deeringer
Ms. A. Friese
Mr. T. Bolton

Green Belts (6th Gups)

Mr. L. Sanchez
Mr. S. Petersen
Mr. P. Haynes
Mr. F. Corral

High Yellow Belts (7th Gups)

Ms. A. Merckey
Mr. S. Snow
Mr. P. Robinson
Mr. C. Patton

Yellow Belts (8th Gups)

Mrs. A. Jeffers
Mr. Sharshinger

High White Belts (9th Gups)

Mr. D. Ashton
Mr. M. Ahmed

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