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Registered students of the Burning Phoenix Taekwon-Do School can log in to the Members' portion of the web site, with access to special deals to equipment, as well as being able to order books, uniforms, and sparring gear.

The benefits to the student are 3-Fold:
  • Registration is necessary to facilitate tracking of individual student progress, and helps us to determine eligibility of students for promotion (based on attendance, minimum requirements as set forth by the United States Taekwon-Do Federation for knowledge, and additional requirements as set by Burning Phoenix Taekwon-Do), and

  • Already having the student's personal information (address, phone number, etcetera) allows us to automate many of the forms required, saving time and increasing accuracy of items such as certificates, and

  • It allows us to contact students in an emergency, or with important updates. The facilities that we teach at have had to be closed on a few occasions due to extreme weather conditions. Using our notification system we can alert students to stay home if necessary, and/or notify students of important information.

...And more!

We are constantly striving to bring new benefits to students!

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