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Burning Phoenix Taekwon-Do Hat

The pride of every student of Burning Phoenix Taekwon-Do!

Recommended for outdoor use (being of fair skin, I burn in the Utah sun in less than 45 minutes!), these hats help reduce glare and increase visibility and seeing obstacles helps to avoid accidents when training outside!

But that's not all...

These hats also GLOW IN THE DARK! (How cool is that?!)

Mouse over the image below to see what the hat looks like when the lights are out.

Glow in the Dark Burning Phoenix Taekwon-Do Hat

So show your school spirit, reduce the risk of serious sun burns (you should use sun screen lotion, too), and have some fun after sundown!

Kids of all ages love these hats, and Mr. Gemmell would know - he's just a big kid, too!

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Glow in the Dark Burning Phoenix Taekwon-Do Hat

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