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Burning Phoenix Taekwon-Do - Tang Soo Do, Vol. 3, The Dae Ryun
  Tang Soo Do, Vol. 3, The Dae Ryun  

Tang Soo Do, Vol. 3, The Dae Ryun

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Softcover. 187 pages.

Product Description

Dae Ryun is not fighting nor the conquering of others. Rather, dae ryun is an advanced , sublimating form of training with mind, body and spirit together. Training mind, body and spirit with a partner is the true definition of dae ryun.

This book includes topics such as:
Dae Ryun: the definition and historical review of dae ryun, system of dae ryun, non-technical elements of dae ryun, correlation between dae ryun and basic techniques, Moo do chung shin.

Il Soo Sik Dae Ryun: it's necessity and importance, various hand and kick techniques.

Advanced Pre-Arranged Dae Ryun: standard execution, typical defense techniques, typical attack techniques.

Essence of Jae Yu Dae Ryun: body strength requirements, do's and don'ts, pre-arranged free sparring, group sparring, competition sparring.

Ho Sin Sul: Definition, basic principles, basic falling, various techniques.

Also includes a Korean to English and English to Korean terminology list.

Softcover. 187 pages.

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