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Spirit Wristbands

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Black wristband "Dedication".
Red wristband "Student of the Monthâ .
Blue wristband "Student of the Week".
Green wristband "Attitude".
Gold wristband "Confidence".
yellow wristband "Courage".
White wristband "Respect.

Product Description

Constructed of high quality synthetic silicone, these wristbands can easily be stretched to fit over your hand and onto your wrist. The material is soft, yet durable and long lasting and helps to keep your wristband looking great. These wristbands also feature embossed lettering which are easy to read. Available in youth size (7.09" around x .47" wide x .076" thick) and adult size (7.95" around x .47" wide x .076" thick).

The black wristband says "Dedication".
The red wristband says "Student of the Month".
The blue wristband says "Student of the Week".
The green wristband says "Attitude".
The gold wristband says "Confidence".
The yellow wristband says "Courage".
The white wristband says "Respect".

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