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2011 Sept Promotions

Ms. M. Bunch - High Red Belt
Mr. M. Barahona - Red Belt
Mr. L. Tilley - Blue Belt
Ms. M. Schjelderup - Blue Belt
Ms. A. Schjelderup - Blue Belt
Mr. L. Chavez - Blue Belt
Ms. M. DeVoe - High Green Belt
Mr. A. Martinez - High Green Belt
Mr. J. Khong - Green Belt
Mr. B. Khong - High Yellow Belt
Mr. R. Ashwood - Yellow Belt
Ms. S. Ashwood - Yellow Belt
Ms. Teves - Yellow Belt
Ms. Teves - Yellow Belt
Ms. Teves - Yellow Belt
Mr. B. Donoso - Yellow Belt
Mrs. S. Ashwood - Yellow Belt
Mrs. Firmont - Yellow Belt
Ms. K. - High White Belt
Black Belts
All Attendees
High Red Belts
Red Belts
Blue Belts
High Green Belts
Green Belts
High Yellow Belts
Yellow Belts
High White Belt
Yummy Cake
I hear the cupcakes are good. . .
Ms. A. Gemmell with frosting lipstick.
Socializing with snacks.
Mr. Gemmell hands out candy.
A Trio of Teves
Mr. M. Balta is fierce.
Everyone lines up for punch.
Mr. Gemmell dishes out cake.
I think weve run out of punch!
Ms. K. VanMaren dives into the cupcakes.
And a good time was had by all!
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