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2011 Oct Community Service

Clearing grass and weeds from around the stump of a tree.
Picking up dead branches.
Mrs. S. Ashwood attacks the overgrowth with a trowel.
Mr. J. Steffen tries to get more branches in the compost bin.
Mr. Gemmell readies the hacksaw while students hold the tree limb steady.
Ms. A. Gemmells & Ms. S. Ashwoods nicely-raked ground.
Trimmed trees, cleared undergrowth, and raked ground!
We can see the fence now!
Mr. R. Ashwood tackles a branch that has grown THROUGH the fence.
When the bin got full, we started a pile on the ground.
. . .and then the pile got kind of big.
The final result of our labor.
The Burning Phoenix work crew poses with the yards owner.
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