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2010 May Promotions

Mr. A Balta - Red Belt
Ms. A Balta - Red Belt
Mr. M. Balta - Blue Belt
Mr. B. Jones - High Green Belt
Ms. M. VanMaren - Green Belt
Ms. K. VanMaren - Green Belt
Ms. M. Bunch - Green Belt
Mr. K. Ray - Green Belt
Ms. A. Gemmell - Green Belt
Mr. B. Pratt - High Yellow Belt
Mr. G. Barahona - High Yellow Belt
Mr. M. Barahona - High Yellow Belt
Ms. R. Wolf - Yellow Belt
Mr. M. Almstrom - Yellow Belt
Ms. S. Martinez - Yellow Belt
Mr. A. Martinez - High White Belt
A Rainbow of Students!
Ms. V. Vega - High Blue Belt
Mr. Erkkela - Green Belt
Ms. A. Holt - Green Belt
Mr. Je. Dean - Yellow Belt
Mr. Jo. Dean - Yellow Belt | Comments: 2
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