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2010 July Color Belt Testing

White Belts Punching
Other students wait for their turn.
The testing board with Mr. Birch conducting.
Mr. T. Thomas and Mr. J. Steffen.
Mr. T. Thomas Kicks
Step Sparring - Foot Routine
Hol Sin Sul is funny. :)
All Baltas in Sitting Stance
Same Strike Different Heights
Elbow Thrusts
Mr. Birch Gives Scores
Mr. Jones Shows Intensity
Testing to High Red
Mid-Air Kicking
A Relaxing Massage?
Made Ya Flinch!
Vulcan Neck Pinch?
Brotherly Love
Dont Touch the Hair!
Everyone Picks on Mr. A. Balta
Mr. A. Balta
Ms. A. Balta
Mr. A. Balta
Mr. M. Balta
Mr. B. Jones
Mr. J. Ehlers
Mr. L. Chavez
Ms. Kim
Domestic Tussle
Mr. L. Chavez is awarded High Test Score
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