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2010 Dec State Colored Belt Testing

The Salt Lake Community College Main Arena Gym
Watching and Waiting Their Turn
Supporting Their Fellow Testing Candidates
Two Test Boards for 72 Students!
A Group of Burning Phoenix Students
One of the Yellow Belt Groups
Pattern Chon-Ji Tul
Blue Belts Warming Up
The Upper Testing Board (Higher Ranks)
Whew! Just Finished!
Mr. M. Gray Stretches with Help from Ms. K. Martin
Yellow Belts Perform Their Ho Sin Sul
High Red Belt Helps the Blue Belts Get Ready
Next on Deck
Mr. M. Wolf (2nd from right) and Fellow High White Belts
Gym Overview
A Moment of Mirth
Ms. E. Kim Explaining Pressure Points
Mr. M. Wolf Demonstrates a Low Block with Outer Forearm
The Martin Sisters - Burning Phoenix TKD & Community of Grace TKD
Ms. M. VanMaren Asked to Help with the High White Belts
Mr. M. Wolf Performing Step Sparring with a Partner
The Blue & High Blue Belt Group - High Thrust with Flat Fingertip
W-Shaped Block in Stamping Motion
Mr. M. Balta - High Twist Kick!
Side Strike with Knife Hand
Side Strike with Back Fist in Jumping X-Stance
Ms. V. Vega vs. Mr. M. Balta in Step Sparring
Mr. M. Gray Throws Mr. D. Jackson Very Gently!
Up and Over!
Quick Sweep to the Ground
Mr. D. Jackson Throws Mr. M. Gray
Who Threw Whom?
Ms. N. Tabert Performing Crowd Control Duties
Ms. V. Vega Throws Mr. M. Balta
Mr. M. Gray - Suspended Break with Knife Hand
Mr. D. Jackson - Flying Twist Kick
Mr. M. Balta Hand Break - Well Done, Sir!
Ms. V. Vega Attempts Her Hand Break
2010 State Colored Belt Testing - High Test Scores!
Words of Encouragement After Testing
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