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2010 Dec Christmas Party

Opening Speech - "Weve had a great year!"
Plenty of Food!
Chow Time!
Food with Friends
A Few of the Green Teeth Incidents
Mr. L. Chavez Having His Usual "what is that thing?" Sandwich
Mr. A. Balta Needs to Work Out More
Slightly Outnumbered?
More Evenly Matched
Almost Starting to Gain
Mr. Gemmell Cheats
Starting the Relay Races
Mr. L. Chavez Helps Get Ready
Who Will Win? Everyone!
Competition Gets the Best of Mr. A. Balta
Two to a Belt - Collect the Whole Set!
Three in a Belt! A New Record!
Six in a Belt! And They Said It Couldnt Be Done!
Second Round and a Second Chance to Win!
Mr. Gemmell and a Tiny Adrianna
Demonstrating the Next Game
Brothers United to the Bitter End!
Struggling to a Loss!
A Totally New Solution - of Pain!
Cheaters Caught in the Act!
The Baby Anchor Relay Claims Two New Victims!
Ms. A. Balta vs. Mr. J. Steffen
The Thrill of Victory! The Agony of DFeet!
Almost There!
Mr. Gemmell Cheats Again!
The Whole Burning Phoenix Gang! Merry Christmas Everyone!
A Very Festive Mr. Gemmell
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