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2009 Dec Christmas Party

Kick, Kick, Kick - POP!
The Whole Burning Phoenix Gang!
Mr. A. Martinez Kicking Ballons at His Head Height!
Awwwww! Cute Little Dude!
Ms. A. Gemmell Takes a Swing - or Rather a KICK!
Ms. A. Gemmell vs. Mr. A. Martinez
"I can get that. Maybe."
"Hello Mr. Balloon. Now Say Goodbye!"
"No! Not HIM! Kick the Balloons!"
Mr. D. Johnson Goes For It!
Ms. M. VanMaren - Too Quick For the Camera!
Mr. J. Wells Helping Along Side Ms. A. Balta
The Barahona Brothers Zipping Along!
The Balloon Stomping "Free For All"!
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